Stay Tuned! Our 2024 Festival will feature dazzling performances from artists far and wide. From local treasures to international gems, these captivating performers will put a smile on your child’s face and make you hoot with laughter. Discover our weekday and weekend performance times & schedule. View our event calendar.

  1. Sakasaka  3 smiling faces of performers for the show Sakasaka

    Expect the unexpected as this clown trio takes you on many adventures including a Thriller dance homage, a trip on the Titanic and open-heart surgery! Sakasaka, which means thirsty in Malagasy, is a word-less, physical comedy with live music and sound effects. 

    Ages: All Ages (Grades: K‑12)
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  2. David Bouchard: Stories, Flutes and more…  David Bouchard smiling, with a couch and lamp in the background

    Gifted storyteller and award-winning author, David Bouchard shares his Indigenous heritage through inspiring stories and touching flute music. 

    Ages: Ages 7 and up (Grades: 2 and up) 
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  3. Will and Seeka: Friends with Everyone  Will and Seeks standing beside each other holding a guitar.

    Dance along to catchy songs about colours, the alphabet, days of the week, weather, food, animals, daily routines and family and friends. Kids will leave the show with joyous songs in their hearts and a skip in their step. 

    Ages: Ages 0–8 (Grades: Pre‑3)
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