Staff & Board

Staff Members

  1. Katharine Carol 

    Artistic and Executive Director

    Image of KATHARINE CAROL, Artistic and Executive Director when she was a baby in a striped shirt
  2. Marika Kovalcikova 

    Development Manager

    Image of MARIKA KOVALCIKOVA Development Manager, when she was a baby, looking at the camera.
  3. Joanne Da Silva 

    Communications and Marketing Manager

    Image of JOANNE DA SILVA Communications and Marketing Manager, when she was a kid, smiling at the camera.
  4. Kelly Creelman 

    Audience Services

    Image of KELLY CREELMAN Audience Services, when she was a kid, winking at the camera.
  5. Leanne Zacharias 

    Operations Manager

    Image of LEANNE ZACHARIAS Operations Manager, when she was a kid, smiling at the camera.
  6. Carmen Mills 

    Volunteer Coordinator

    Childhood photo of Carmen Mills, Volunteer Coordinator
  7. Pavanjot Daley 

    School & Information Administrator

    Childhood Photo of Pavanjot Daley, School and Information Administrator
  8. David Kerr (DK)

    Production Manager

    Childhood photo of DAVID KERR (DK) Production Manager.
  9. Jeremy Baxter 

    Technical Director

    Childhood Photo of JEREMY BAXTER, Technical Director.
  10. Ewa Borkowska 


    Childhood Photo of EWA BORKOWSKA, Bookkeeper.
  11. Wayne Stewart 

    IT Consultant

    Childhood Image of WAYNE STEWART, IT Consultant.

Board Members

  1. Christina (Ling Mei) Tang 


  2. Kevin Campbell 


    Childhood Photo of Kevin Campbell, Treasurer.
  3. Eric Wong 


    Childhood photo of Eric Wong, Secretary.
  4. Louise DeGagné 

    Member at large

    Childhood photo of Louise DeGagné, Member at large.
  5. Violet Tam 

    Member at large

    Childhood Photo Of Violet Tam, Member at Large.
  6. Olivia Zeng 

    Member at large

    Childhood Photo Of Olivia Zeng, Member at large.
  7. Natasha Jeshani 

    Member at large

    Childhood Photo of Natasha Jeshani, Member at large
  8. Kieran Davey 

    Member at large

    Childhood Photo of Kieran Davey, Member at large
  9. Samad Raza 

    Member at large

  10. Cameron Wilson 

    Member at large

  11. Jason Dubois 

    Member at large

  12. Jenna Visram 

    Member at large