Our 2023 Festival will feature dazzling performances from artists far and wide. From local treasures to international gems, these captivating performers will put a smile on your child’s face and make you hoot with laughter. Discover our weekday and weekend performance times & schedule. View our event calendar.

  1. Sakasaka  3 smiling faces of performers for the show Sakasaka

    Expect the unexpected as this clown trio takes you on many adventures including a Thriller dance homage, a trip on the Titanic and open-heart surgery! Sakasaka, which means thirsty in Malagasy, is a word-less, physical comedy with live music and sound effects. 

    Ages: All Ages (Grades: K‑12)
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  2. Oopsie!  Candice Roberts pointing to a set of instructions.

    Candice Roberts performs this fun and clever story about growth mindset and the creative process through a seamless weaving of shadow puppetry, original music, tap dance and physical comedy in this fun short film. 

    Ages: All Ages (Grades: K‑7)
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