Stay tuned for our event calendar! Our 2023 Festival will feature dazzling performances from artists far and wide. From local treasures to international gems, these captivating performers will put a smile on your child’s face and make you hoot with laughter.

  1. Spirit and Tradition  Image of performers from the Spirit and Tradition dance performance on stage kneeling

    Spirit and Tradition layers projected imagery, soundscape and Coastal masked dance, transporting the audience to the rich and diverse ecosystem of British Columbia’s coastal mountains and Pacific Ocean. 

    Age/Grade: 5‑up (Grades K‑12)
    Watch in person and online 
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  2. Tricoter  Image of woman in purple leaning to the side with her arms in the air, holding a pink ball of yarn. Join us for our Tricoter performance May 31st-June 5th

    Share a special moment with your little one in a world filled with play, exploration and discovery. A delightful mix of colours, patterns, movement and texture this show is sure to capture the imagination of babies. 

    Age/Grade: Ages 0–24
    Watch in person 
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