The first of its kind in North America, the Vancouver International Children’s Festival began as a theatre festival for young audiences presenting international performances. Today the Festival is multi-disciplinary presenting theatre, music, dance, circus, puppetry and storytelling and over the years has been an inspiration to major cities throughout Canada and abroad, where annual children’s festivals now take place.  Learn more about the Festival from our 2020 Impact Report and our Strategic Plan.


We inspire and motivate young minds with professional artistic experiences that transform a child’s understanding of the world around them and what is creatively possible.


  • VICF aims to be a highly anticipated festival that is recognised internationally for creating a unique and diverse celebration of the arts for children and grown ups.
  • In delivering new and diverse world-class live performances, we open a world of creative possibilities.  A world in which future generations build on the passion for art and performance we share with them today.

What guides us

  • SIMPLE: We make it easy for a family/class to spend a day being creatively playful.
  • FUN TOGETHER: We make activities fun and creatively adventurous for kids and adults to enjoy together
  • QUALITY: We surprise you every year with the extraordinary quality of our programming and our performers.
  • CREATIVITY: Imagination and artistic ingenuity governs our decision-making. We are comfortable taking creative risks.
  • LOCAL: We look for ways to incorporate and celebrate BC and Canadian artists.
  • GLOBAL: We demand diversity in emotional experience: in people, language, ideas, attitudes and culture.
  • ARTISTIC RISK: always looking for new, different, pushing the boundaries work for young audiences 6 months – 13 years of age.

Artistic Vision

The Vancouver International Children’s Festival Society presents contemporary, inter-disciplinary arts including performance and interactive arts activities that speak to the various ages of our audience. Our inclusive programming is culturally diverse and representative of regional, national and international artists.