1. Living With

    Let’s groove together! Living With explores the interconnections between people and our relationship to the earth. Through thoughtful storytelling, harmonizing, dancing and drumming, we can reimagine how we interact with one another and with nature.

    Image of the performers from the Living With performance wearing black and standing in shallow water with their hands up to the sky. Two members holding flowy white cloth and a fan
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  2. Anansi The Spider Re-Spun

    A thoroughly enjoyable three-part online series where Anansi the Spider tricks, sings and dances his way out of trouble and often right back into it.

    Photo of three performers from Anansi the Spider Re-Spun performance dressed in red
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  3. Won’Ma Africa

    You’ll be blown away by the breathtaking acrobatics and death-defying feats of Won’Ma Africa! Kalabanté Productions’ handful of daring acrobats perform to the pulsating rhythm of the djembes of Guinea with authentic movement and acrobatics.

    Image of circus performers from the Won’Ma Africa group throwing one member in the air. Join us on May 31st-June 5th for this thrilling performance
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  4. Future Music

    New, exciting voices that reflect the world we live in! dynamic and talented QT+BIPOC artists that took part in the FM Music residency program.

    Image of Find Mutya smiling at the camera, in front of street art. She is a featured artist in the future artists performance on June 3rd
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  5. Africa Oyé

    There’s going to be a dance party and you’re invited! Africa Oyé features songs, music, and dances from Cameroon, Benin, Guinea, South Africa and Zimbabwe. Come celebrate this beautiful expression of African culture with the talented Jacky Essombe, accompanied by her friends.

    Performer from Africa Oyé performance, wearing a colourful outfit and smiling holding drumsticks in the air
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  6. Africa Oyé

    Home 2023  Africa Oyé  Page 2 Africa Oye Go to show description Image gallery Close C’est la fête et vous êtes invité ! Africa Oyé présente chansons, musique et dances du Cameroun,…

    Performer from Africa Oyé performance, wearing a colourful outfit and smiling holding drumsticks in the air
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  7. Tricoter

    Share a special moment with your little one in a world filled with play, exploration and discovery. A delightful mix of colours, patterns, movement and texture this show is sure to capture the imagination of babies.

    Image of woman in purple leaning to the side with her arms in the air, holding a pink ball of yarn. Join us for our Tricoter performance May 31st-June 5th
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  8. Spirit and Tradition

    Spirit and Tradition layers projected imagery, soundscape and Coastal masked dance, transporting the audience to the rich and diverse ecosystem of British Columbia’s coastal mountains and Pacific Ocean.

    Image of performers from the Spirit and Tradition dance performance on stage kneeling
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  9. Parents Are Still a Drag

    Join local drag queens Peach Cobblah & Isolde N. Barron for a drag dress-up spectacular! Add some rainbow to your day at this fun and inclusive event. It’s never too early (or too late!) to get silly and dress-up!

    Drag performers from the Parents are still a Drag performance smiling and holding up a young child while wearing swimming gear
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