1. Glamily: A Family Dress-Up Party

    Join Peach Cobblah and other local drag talents for a spectacular evening of dress-up at Glamily!  Glamily is part drag show, part lip-sync open mic, part dress up party and 100% fun! 

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  2. Tree, a world in itself

    A multi-sensory, interactive universe enveloped in soft light, music, and silence, where five characters continually adapt to meet the needs of their audience. It was created for Autistic children and adapted for children with intellectual disabilities and/or reduced mobility.

    Four performers are gathered around a tree in the centre of the stage, holding drum sticks.
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  3. Tree

    Experience the magical world of Tree in this gentle and intimate show for the youngest of audiences. Tree is a rare opportunity for your baby to experience live theatre created just for them!

    A performer helps a small child in the on-stage activity. The performer, a few children, and a few parents, all walk around a tree in the centre of the stage.
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  4. Aché Brasil

    Get ready for an explosion of colour, energy and music that embodies the lively culture and rhythms of Brazil.

    man playing the drums on stage with a man in a black shirt
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  5. Oopsie!

    Candice Roberts performs this fun and clever story about growth mindset and the creative process through a seamless weaving of shadow puppetry, original music, tap dance and physical comedy in this fun short film.

    Candice Roberts pointing to a set of instructions.
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  6. Sakasaka

    Attendez-vous à l'inattendu alors que le trio de clowns emmène le public dans de nombreuses aventures, dont un hommage à la danse Thriller, un voyage sur le Titanic et une opération à cœur ouvert ! Sakasaka, qui signifie assoiffé en malgache, est une comédie physique sans mots avec de la musique live et des effets sonores.

    3 smiling faces of performers for the show Sakasaka
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  7. La Case Départ de Missy D: 1, 2, 3 on y va, on y va!

    Missy D est une artiste hip-hop, rap et soul qui fait de sa musique une forme de thérapie pour exprimer tous ses sentiments, partager un message et se connecter avec son public. C'est une fusion des sons de son enfance allant des mélodies françaises, aux légendes du r&b, du rap, de la soul, du jazz, du rock et du hip hop.

    Missy D smiling with both hands in the air, while wearing a light purple jacket
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  8. Petit mais formidable — Ginalina et des amis

    Faites un beau voyage musical multilingue sur le thème de la valeur de chaque enfant et de leurs l’importances dans la nature et dans le monde. Chantez, dansez et faites partie des merveilles musicales de l'accordéon, de la guitare, du ukulélé, des percussions, de l'erhu et de la cithare. Joignez-vous aux côtés de Ginalina avec des amis et des invités de Vancouver Chinese Music Ensemble.

    Image of Ginalina wearing a red hat smiling and looking up while holding a guitar in front of a river in the forest
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  9. Division Infinity Saves the World!

    A top-secret team of elementary school students is tasked with finding a solution to a global pandemic! Based on stories, art, and puppets created by real Grade 4 students reflecting on their pandemic experiences.

    A purple poster of a peach cardboard hand held gaming console for one of our shows titled division infinity saves the worlds
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