Ages: 0–2
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A performer helps a small child in the on-stage activity. The performer, a few children, and a few parents, all walk around a tree in the centre of the stage.
Photo by Sylvie-Ann Paré

Share a Special moment with your little one 

Experience the magical world of Tree in this gentle and intimate show for the youngest of audiences. Tree is rare opportunity for your baby to experience live theatre created just for them! Settle into mama bird’s cozy nest while she warms her luminous clutch of eggs. Plants, insects, and animals visit, accompanied by soothing melodies and rhythmic music. As evening falls, you’ll rest under the rising moon, stars, and the shimmering Milky Way, gathering strength to spread your wings like a fledgling bird of light.

Boca del Lupo and the Vancouver International Children’s Festival (VICF) proudly share a long history of partnership and collaboration. This relationship continues to evolve in 2024, commencing a 3‑year partnership which will see one element of Boca’s “Micro Performance Series” being presented at the festival, from 2024 to 2026. The Micro Performance Series at VICF, will bring intimate and captivating performances to Vancouver’s young audiences, providing big impact through small scale creations and experiences.

Producing Company: Motus

Country: Québec, Canada

Genre: Theatre / Puppetry

Show length: 40 minutes

Resources: Visual Story

Ages: Ages 0–2

Venue: Carousel Studio
1411 Cartwright St
Vancouver, BC

Accessibility options available for those with hearing impairments

Deaf and hard of hearing friendly



  • Child (0–2) $6.00 +S/C and GST
  • Adult/Senior $23.00 +S/C and GST

Accessibility Information


This show is Extra Live. That means each performance is always relaxed.
It will not have an introduction before the show. This Visual Guide about the venue helps people prepare for a new experience or to decide if this space works for them.

Accessibility advisory:
- Children will be invited to participate in sensory interactions.
- Children will be invited on stage. If selected, they may bring guardian to join them. These children may be asked to participate (e.g., paint, draw, read, construct things, sing, in groups on stage, or select items on stage).
- The artists will enter the audience throughout the performance.
- The audience will be asked to walk/dance/move around during the show.

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