Stay tuned for our event calendar! Our 2023 Festival will feature dazzling performances from artists far and wide. From local treasures to international gems, these captivating performers will put a smile on your child’s face and make you hoot with laughter.

  1. The Cat Came Back  Fred Penner from ‘The Cat Came Back’ performance wearing a denim shirt and grey fedora smiling at the camera

    Sing along with one of Canada’s best-loved children’s singers and four-time Juno winner Fred Penner at this year’s Festival! 

    Age/Grade: All Ages (Grades Pre — 2) 
    Watch in person 
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  2. Crisis on Planet Z!  Graphic image of a planet with a rocket ship taking off with the text, ‘planet Z’. Join us for this performance on May 31st-June 5th

    The Alphabetians are celebrating 100 years of being on Planet Z when Zennifer makes a horrifying discovery: they haven’t been ‘improving’ the planet, they have been slowly destroying it! A hilarious play about a serious topic. 

    Age/Grade: 4–12 (Grades Pre‑6)
    Watch in person 
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  3. Anansi The Spider Re-Spun  Photo of three performers from Anansi the Spider Re-Spun performance dressed in red

    A thoroughly enjoyable three-part online series where Anansi the Spider tricks, sings and dances his way out of trouble and often right back into it. 

    Age/Grade: 3–8 (Grades Pre‑2)
    Watch online 
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