Igniting Joy Through Creative Writing with Gabby’s Classroom

We believe in nurturing children's creativity beyond the festival grounds. That's why we've teamed up with Gabby’s Classroom to bring you tips on how to encourage your children to write stories and explore their imagination at home, or anywhere!

Two students are working on a school assignment on the floor.
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Navigating Artistic Exploration with the Port of Vancouver

This year, thanks to the generous support from the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority, 250 children will be attending this year’s Festival through our Adopt a Class program, for a day filled with learning, laughter and inspiration. 

A child looks stands by an activity table, holding a pencil and looking to the left. Her forehead is painted with pink hearts and yellow stars; her left cheek has a rainbow and pink hearts; her right cheek has a unicorn and pink hearts.
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All Aboard! CN Train Tales

Through the power of storytelling, we're thrilled to partner with CN to bring your tiny train enthusiast on a journey with CN’s own collection of children’s books that not only entertain but also educate.

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Ignite Your Child’s Culinary Curiosity with King’s Hawaiian

We're thrilled to partner with King's Hawaiian who shares our passion for inspiring culinary curiosity in young minds. With its unique blend of sweetness and softness, King's Hawaiian Original Hawaiian Sweet Rolls are the perfect introduction to new flavours and textures for young palates.

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A Grown-Up’s Guide to Granville Island during the Children’s Festival

Whether it’s before, after, or even during showtime (shout out to the amazing field trip parent volunteers), Granville Island offers a variety of grown-up delights waiting to be discovered!

A photograph of people walking outside along Railspur Alley.
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