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Igniting Joy Through Creative Writing with Gabby’s Classroom

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Enriching young minds and sparking imaginations is at the heart of the Vancouver International Children’s Festival. And part of that is using a little ”ink and imagination” to inspire some creativity.

This year, we’re thrilled to announce Story Crafts, a magical storytelling adventure located in the Activity Village. Presented by Gabby’s Classroom, kids can dive into the realm of imagination as they craft their own story characters.

And the excitement doesn’t have to stop there! We believe in nurturing children’s creativity beyond the festival grounds. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Gabby’s Classroom to bring you tips on how to encourage your children to write stories and explore their imagination at home, or anywhere:

By incorporating these tips, you can nurture your child’s imagination and empower them to become confident storytellers. 

Want to take your child’s storytelling skills to the next level? Gabby’s Classroom offers a StoryMakers program, designed to inspire and empower young storytellers. This program provides hands-on guidance and support to help children develop their literary skills and unleash their creativity.

Join us at the Vancouver International Children’s Festival and visit the Gabby’s Classroom booth for Story Crafts. Let’s cultivate a love for reading and writing that will last a lifetime!