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Navigating Artistic Exploration with the Port of Vancouver

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A child looks stands by an activity table, holding a pencil and looking to the left. Her forehead is painted with pink hearts and yellow stars; her left cheek has a rainbow and pink hearts; her right cheek has a unicorn and pink hearts.

The transformative power of arts and culture education for youth is so important, but whether it’s financial limitations, lack of resources, or simply not knowing where to start, numerous barriers can hinder children from accessing these vital programs. 

Yet, these experiences have the potential to shape young minds in profound ways. From fostering creativity and critical thinking to promoting empathy and self-expression, art opens doors to new perspectives and possibilities. 

At the Vancouver International Children’s Festival, our Adopt a Class program helps us to ensure accessibility to our cultural programming for all children regardless of social or economic circumstances. 

This year, thanks to the generous support from the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority, 250 children will be attending this year’s Festival through our Adopt a Class program, for a day filled with learning, laughter and inspiration. 

The impact of the Adopt a Class program extends far beyond the individual child. Arts and culture play a crucial role in building connections and fostering a sense of belonging. By exposing children to arts and culture, we are investing in the future of our communities. 

A big thank you to the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority, proudly representing the Port of Vancouver. By supporting programs like Adopt a Class, they’re not just creating memories – they’re shaping futures. 

Learn more about the port’s commitment to helping communities thrive and make sure to say ahoy to Salty at the Port of Vancouver Activity Zone on Sunday, June 2! Your favourite seagull can’t wait to show you how the port brings toys, shoes, games and snacks to your home and school.