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Ignite Your Child’s Culinary Curiosity with King’s Hawaiian

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Food exploration is an essential part of childhood. From the first bite of a new flavour to the joy of cooking alongside family, it introduces children to a world of flavours, cultures and culinary traditions.

We’re thrilled to partner with King’s Hawaiian who shares our passion for inspiring culinary curiosity in young minds. With its unique blend of sweetness and softness, King’s Hawaiian Original Hawaiian Sweet Rolls are the perfect introduction to new flavours and textures for young palates. From simple sandwiches to creative snacks, King’s Hawaiian encourages kids to step outside their culinary comfort zones and embrace the delicious possibilities.

By involving kids in meal planning and preparation, we empower them to make healthy choices and develop a deeper appreciation for the food on their plates. 

Let’s keep the food exploration going with some kid-friendly recipes that are sure to delight young taste buds! These recipes not only provide an opportunity for children to explore new flavours and ingredients but also encourage them to get involved in the kitchen and develop valuable culinary skills: 

Get rollin’ on a delicious adventure! While exploring the Activity Village with your little ones, make sure to swing by the King’s Hawaiian Tent, where every delicious roll is a delight and every spin is a chance to win! Indulge in a free sample of soft and fluffy King’s Hawaiian Original Hawaiian Sweet Rolls and test your luck on their spin wheel for a chance to score irresistible prizes and merch.