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  1. First Time?

    Home First Time?  Page 3 First Time? Go to show description Photo by Tilly Nelson Considering a field trip to the Vancouver International Children’s Festival? Not sure where to start or what to expect? We asked seasoned educators if they had any tips that we can…

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  2. Côté confiture

    Les Soeurs Kif-Kif cheminent dans la comédie et le théâtre de rue et offrent un mélange d’humour inattendu, de coopération avec le public, et de bonheur à faire exploser les légumes ! Préparez-vous à mourir de rire avec l’humour tendre et pétillant des soeurs Kif-Kif.

    Twin female performers in red polka dot bathing suits perform outside in front of a crowd. One is holding a table and fan and the other is in front looking back while holding a cucumber.
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  3. Orange Shirt Day

    September 30, 2023 is Orange Shirt Day and the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. A day to honour the Residential School survivors, their families and communities and to recognize the many forms of harm the residential school system has inflicted on Indigenous Children and their families.

    Every child matters logo on an orange background.
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  4. Otosan

    Little Shizu hides in her Otosan’s suitcase and secretly travels to a dangerous destination…The North. Facing snowy owls, white wolves and grizzly bears in the most remote of locations, Otosan and Shizu must learn to tackle challenges together.

    A puppet of a man and a puppet of a little girl. There are four puppeteers in the background
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  5. The Papa Penguin Play

    Everyone loves Peaches and Izzy! Join these two penguin papas at their penguin chick’s first birthday at a party like no other. The Papa Penguin Play is a musical about celebrating family in all its colours and finding the performer in all of us.

    A cartoon illustration of a penguin with a birthday party on an iceberg.
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  6. Burt the Beetle with Ashley Spires

    Ashley Spires continues to delight classes, teachers, and families with her prolific and delightful books. In Burt the Beetle Lives Here, our favourite bug learns about the different places insects call home.

    A picture of author Ashley Spires beside a cover of her book Burt the Beetle Lives Here. Text states Wednesday, October 19th.
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  7. Robot Song

    Juniper is constantly compared to a robot, but after encountering one on her doorstep, she begins the adventure of a lifetime. Bullies are no match for our young heroine, as she believes in herself and her passion for robots more than anything in this upbeat musical comedy.

    A female actor as a girl is looking down at a blue robot arm she is holding.
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