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Land Acknowledgement

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The Vancouver International Children’s Festival Society stands by our Land Acknowledgement statement that was created following the leadership of local Indigenous people. Our organization is committed to our collective responsibility to fully implement the 94 Calls to Action and the 18 Calls for Justice. 

We are answering the call and invite others to as well. Our land acknowledgement is a living document that changes as we learn and grow as an organization. We are committed to our use of the term cultural genocide in our land acknowledgement.

Definition of Cultural Genocide 

The phrase “cultural genocide” refers to any deliberate act committed with the intention of destroying the language, religion or culture of a specific group. Cultural genocide was a common feature of the colonial era and the conquest of the Americas.

UN Definition of Genocide
CBC Article

Here are some resources that can help with our journey towards Reconciliation:

Here are some books for age-appropriate conversations with your child on the subject:

And here is a more comprehensive list of books with the recommended age groups, compiled by David A. Robertson.