VICF Seeking New Board Members

The Vancouver International Children’s Festival (VICF) is the longest running children’s arts festival in the world and has inspired the development of numerous children’s festivals across North America, Scotland and Australia. Our mission is to “ inspire and motivate young minds with professional artistic experiences that transform a child’s understanding of the world around them and what is creatively possible.”

In order to achieve our mission we require an outstanding board of directors who support the growth and development of the organization through their governance and fundraising role. We are currently seeking 4 ‑5 new board members to join our existing dynamic board team of 8 diverse professionals.

Our meetings are currently held virtually and we will always provide a virtual option for meetings moving forward.

We are seeking nominations from diverse individuals who are interested in joining the VICF board. We would greatly benefit from those with the following experience:


If you are interested in putting your name forward to be nominated to the board please send a cover letter and resume to our board chair, Nicole Yeasting.

Looking for more information or would like to discuss further? Email our Board Chair at

Contact Name: Nicole Yeasting
Contact Email Address:
Contact Phone: (604) 708‑5655

Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on Wednesday, December 8th, 2021 virtually from 6- 6:30pm.


Board of Directors’ Responsibilities and Expectations

Vancouver International Children’s Festival Society (VICFS) directors have both collective and individual responsibilities. Active engagement in support of the organization’s vision, mission, purposes and values is expected. Governance, fundraising and fiduciary responsibility are the primary focuses of board activity. This includes developing policy, ensuring accountability, fiscal prudence, making monetary contributions and participating in fundraising initiatives.

As a member of the Board of Directors of the VICFS, Directors commit themselves to:

(a) Serve in leadership positions and undertake roles and tasks that represent a good match of director skills and interests while providing opportunities for personal growth;
(b) Follow trends in VICFS’s field of interest while being an advocate with various stakeholders and the community;
© Work collaboratively with staff and other board members to further the interests of VICFS and respond promptly to their requests for information or action;
(d) Become a member of at least one VICFS committee;
(e) Attend all board meetings and meetings of committees of which a director is a member;
(f) Prepare for and actively participate in board and committee meetings and ensure that significant matters are addressed;
(g) Be familiar with the board calendar, minutes and reports; and
(h) Participate in board evaluations and ongoing training.

(a) Review and understand the VICFS Strategic Plan and help shape VICFS’s vision, mission, purposes and values;
(b) Ensure compliance with the VICFS constitution and by-laws;
© Ensure compliance with VICFS board and committee mandates;
(d) Create policies for the organization and ensure that they are clearly articulated and followed;
(e) Contribute to strategic processes and monitor goals and objectives for VICFS;
(f) Identify board nominees who can make significant contributions to VICFS.

(a) Actively assist in implementing fundraising strategies, sales efforts and/or donation solicitation in order to reach targets set by the board and staff;
(b) Cultivate relationships with new and existing individual and corporate donors; © Explore sponsorship opportunities within existing networks;
(d) Promote and attend the festival and fundraising events;
(e) Prioritize the VICFS as a charity of choice and make a personal charitable contribution accordingly; and
(f) Act as a representative as needed.

(a) Be familiar with VICFS’s financial policies, along with current and projected financial information;
(b) Approve the annual budget and exercise prudence in the expenditure, borrowing and transfer of funds;
© Ensure that VICFS’s financial statements are audited by a chartered accountant;
(d) Ensure legal compliance with respect to the Employment Standards Act (British Columbia), the Society Act (British Columbia), federal and provincial income tax legislation, occupational health and safety legislation, CPP, EI, HST, WCB and any other applicable Canadian legislation;
(e) Avoid a conflict of interest, or the appearance of a conflict of interest, and disclose any possible conflicts to the board in a timely fashion; and
(f) Maintain confidentiality of board and committee meetings.

(a) Directors will make all reasonable efforts to attend fundraising events, the Festival Opening
Night and the Annual General Meeting;
(b) Directors unable to attend a board meeting due to illness, travel or other circumstances is
expected to notify the Secretary of the board. Efforts to attend by teleconference should be made;
© A director unable to attend a committee meeting is expected to notify the committee chair;
(d) In the event a board member fails to attend more than half the board meetings in any twelve- month period, or fails to attend three consecutive meetings, the directors may declare his or her office vacated, unless satisfactory cause is presented;
(e) Directors will notes from each board and committee meeting attended; and
(f) With the approval of the Board, a “leave of absence” will be granted for: (i) work circumstances including employment opportunities,
(ii) long-term sickness and
(iii) maternity or paternal leave which is customarily granted for twelve to 18months.