Creatively Playful Fun at the Vancouver International Children’s Festival

Vancouver, BC (April 18, 2018) — The 41st Annual Vancouver International Children’s Festival takes place May 28 – June 3 on Granville Island where world-class theatre, music, dance, circus, puppetry and storytelling comes to entertain Vancouver children and families. This year, thirteen professional performing artists from as far-reaching as Scotland and Australia are scheduled to perform 92 shows in six of Granville Island’s indoor theatre venues. The Festival expects 25,000 children and adults in attendance.

Highlights of this year’s Festival include 2018 Juno Award Nominee Splash’N Boots! Straight from Treehouse TV, this dynamic duo will have the whole family singing, dancing and laughing.  New Owner an epic adventure story will captivate audiences with its innovative blend of live performance, puppetry and animation. Baking Time from the North Shore’s Presentation House Theatre is sure to delight both the eyes and the stomach with real life baking during the show. There truly is something for everyone.

The Vancouver International Children’s Festival offers shows for all ages, interests and abilities and is committed to making performances accessible to all so that everyone can experience the wonder and delight of the Festival! This year, a new addition to the lineup includes a Relaxed Performance of the show Poggle.  This specially designed and adapted performance is for audience members who benefit from a more relaxed performance experience, including children on the autism spectrum or with sensory and communication disorders.

In addition to the many incredible shows being presented, the Festival’s Activity Village make it easy for the whole family to be creatively playful together. With over 20 arts activities, there are many ways to engage your imagination and enhance your creativity all while having fun together as a family.  Each performance pass includes an Activity Village wristband.

Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased online at, by phone at 1.877.840.0457, in person at The Vancouver International Children’s Festival office, 301–601 Cambie Street, Vancouver or during the Festival at our on-site box office located between Festival House and the Waterfront Theatre on Granville Island.

Tickets start at $12.50 per child/senior and $22 per adult plus tax and service charges. All passes include an Activity Village wristband.

For access to the arts Activity Village only: purchase an Activity Wristband for $6 per person (sold onsite only).  Wristband price includes GST and Service Charges.



Poggle (Scotland) — Come on an adventure inspired by nature! Vince wants to explore the forest but he’s too scared.  Until one day he meets Poggle, a friendly creature who helps him overcome his fears and together they explore the forest and the magical musical tree.  Share a special moment with your little one in a world filled with play, exploration and wonder.  With live music, clapping rhythms and bubble popping throughout, Poggle will take you on a magical and visual journey.  After the show, children are even invited to explore the forest and discover the hidden secrets within the set. Follow Poggle and his friend as they find the joy in nature and strength in themselves. Ages 0–3, Relaxed Performance Ages 0–14.

Baking Time (United Kingdom/British Columbia) — The perfect recipe for interactive fun! Follow the enchanted adventures of bakers Bun and Bap as they encounter mischievous doughy characters, venture through forests of breadsticks and sift through magical flour storms – all while the heavenly smell of freshly baking bread fills the theatre!? Yes, that’s right, during the show Bun and Bap bake real loaves of delicious bread in a real life on-stage oven!  The show involves baking antics, live music and oodles of opportunities for the audience, both young and old to join in the fun! It’s absolutely scrumptious! Ages 3–8.

One of a Kind (British Columbia) — Unique! Exceptional! One-of ‑a-Kind! There really is no one quite like you! The world is a marvelous kaleidoscope of people with stories that are as unique as each and every one of us.   We all have a story to tell, what’s yours?  One of a Kind is a series of stories performed by a talented group of extraordinary, emerging storytellers. Each performer shares their one-of-a-kind tale from childhood filled with truths, challenges, laughs and adventures all accompanied by music and dance. A fun and captivating way to explore the universal expression of storytelling, kids might recognize themselves in some of these exceptional stories and be inspired to share theirs. Ages 5 and up.


New Owner (Australia) — Eagerly waiting at the animal shelter for a true companion, Bernie is looking for a place to call home.  The day lonely widow Mabel walks into Bernie’s life is the beginning of a beautiful friendship and an epic adventure. Delightfully clever and ingenious, New Owner is a truly touching and exceptional look into life through a dog’s eyes.  Audiences will be captivated by the show’s innovative blend of live performance, puppetry and animation. Come explore a moving and humorous tale about loss, friendship and new beginnings that will have you howling for more. Ages 5 and up.

Le sentier des rêves (Québec) — In this spellbinding tale, a young Innu boy plunges into the dream-world in search of his grandmother’s lost necklace and his lost culture. Worlds collide and cultures connect as Ashini finds himself in the strange world of the Oni in 7th century Japan and meets a little girl with a very special destiny. Can she help him? Expert storytelling, puppetry, masks and live music combine to create a mythical world where anything is possible.  A beautifully imagined production designed to intrigue and inform young minds, sometimes the funnest part of getting lost is finding yourself. Age 5 and up. French only.


Les Parfaits Inconnus (Québec) — Is it a rock concert? Is it a clown show? Is it a circus? No, it’s all three! Armed with a bicycle, balls, a table, a barrel and a board, 6 totally outrageous characters are let loose on the stage. The stakes get higher as each tries to out-prank the other with greater and more daring stunts and off-the-wall antics. Don’t miss this playful extravaganza of circus, music, theatre, and comedy all rolled into one spectacular show! Laughter and thrills guaranteed! All ages.


Splash’N Boots Live (Ontario) — When you mix a little bit of yellow with blue you usually get green, but when Treehouse TV’s Splash’N Boots take the stage, you get a wild tornado of fun and joy! Get ready to move and groove and show off your dance moves with Splash’N Boots at the wildest family dance party of the year! Recently nominated for their 4th Juno award for Children’s Album of the Year, Splash and Boots can’t wait to meet you! Bring your dancing shoes and get ready to get up off your feet! Ages 1–8.

Masabo Celebrates Africa! (BC / ON / Africa)

Feel the explosion of energy when Fana Soro and Masabo hit the stage! Come celebrate this beautiful and thrilling expression of West African history and culture. This dynamic group of musicians, storytellers and dancers fill the air with soaring melodies and driving rhythms as the ancient arts of West Africa are brought to life.  An amazing feast of traditional songs, stories and athletic dance, we guarantee that by the end of the show you won’t be needing your seat! All ages.

The Jocelyn Pettit Band (British Columbia) — Singing, stepdancing and fiddling take center stage when local talent, Jocelyn Pettit and her band come to the Festival!  Jocelyn delivers a refreshing and energizing mix of traditional and contemporary music the whole class will enjoy. Don’t miss this lively concert of Celtic and Canadian folk music where the rhythmic energy and pulse of the music will get kids’ toes tapping and hands clapping! A dynamic, upbeat and fun show that’s guaranteed to lift your spirit and inspire you to dance. All ages.

The Vancouver Youth Choir (British Columbia) — The Vancouver Youth Choir (VYC) is sure to capture your heart with their irresistible joyous energy.  Uplifting songs come to life through the talented voices of one of Canada’s finest youth choirs.  Winners in the 2017 National Competition for Canadian Amateur Choirs, VYC carry audiences away with their engaging performances of diverse and eclectic music. Let VYC take you on a musical journey from indie rock to the Renaissance and from South Africa to Sesame Street!  Want to sing too? You’ll get your chance when the VYC guides the audience through some fun call and response songs. Whatever your musical tastes, age or singing-ability, you’re in for a real treat. Not only is VYC an excellent introduction to live choral performance it’s also an inspiring opportunity to show kids that it only takes one voice to start a chorus. All ages.


I.aM.mE Dance Crew (United States) — The baddest (and by bad we mean good) dance crew around, the I.aM.mE crew will blow you away with their fancy tricks, mad skillz and diverse styles!  I.aM.mE is a dance crew dedicated to inspiring, motivating, and energizing every individual to be and love themselves. Positively popping, these reigning champions of MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew are sure to deliver a delightful and empowering show that will leave you chanting for more!  The Troupe’s energy is so infectious, you’ll pop, lock and spin out of the theatre. All ages.

Nimihitowin! (Alberta/British Columbia) — Pow wow dance, hoop dance and Métis jigging are beautiful expressions of Indigenous Peoples’ spirituality, history and culture. Come celebrate this rich cultural treasure with the Cree, Blackfoot and Métis dancers of Nimihitowin!. You’ll be mesmerized by the dramatic dancing and spectacular regalia alongside the subtle beauty of Native American flute songs.  Insightful commentary about each dance enhances the performance as you experience the stunning vibrancy of Indigenous culture through dance. All ages.


National Film Board Shorts (Canada) — What better way to complete your day at the Festival than by taking in some National Film Board (NFB) shorts?!  We’ve compiled a selection of the best, must-watch NFB films for you and your kids. Parents and teachers will remember with nostalgia watching many of these films while growing up, while others are newer additions to the NFB archives. A great opportunity to introduce your kids to iconic classics like, La valse du maître draveur and  Le chat colla to modern takes on the Inuit identity in, Trois mille this is Canadiana at its finest. A rare treat, these are films you can’t ‘waltz’ into your local movie theatre and see. Come explore the treasures of the NFB and explore what it means to be Canadian. Ages 5 and up. French only.

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The first of its kind in North America, the Vancouver International Children’s Festival began as a theatre festival for young audiences presenting international performances. Today the Festival is multi-disciplinary presenting theatre, music, dance, circus, puppetry and storytelling and over the years has been an inspiration to major cities throughout Canada and abroad, where annual children’s festivals now take place.


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