Charlotte Diamond: A Wonderful Part of Our Festival for Over 34 Years

Beloved local performer Charlotte Diamond, put on her first show with the Vancouver Children’s Festival in 1987, and has performed a total of 21 times with us since! Charlotte was born and raised on the West Coast of British Columbia and continues to live in Richmond, B.C. Always having a passion for music, Charlotte began to focus on family music when she had her own children. This eventually led to her developing a preschool music program which blossomed into her putting on workshops, school concerts and a variety of family shows. To date, Charlotte has thirteen recordings, many awards (including a few Junos), and continues to tour internationally. She has provided us with timeless songs such as Four Hugs a Day and Octopus (Slippery Fish). Charlotte, along with her Hug Bug Band, always produces an engaging and captivating show!