Field trips allow learning to take place anywhere…

Inspire and motivate your students with professional artistic experiences that transform a child’s understanding of the world around them and what is creatively possible. View the Lineup Here.

With the introduction of the new BC curriculum and its emphasis on experiential learning, field trips are now more than ever an important extension of the classroom experience.

What better way to provide hands-on learning than by bringing your students to experience live theatre and to explore their creativity in the Activity Zone?

Top 5 Reasons Your Class Field Trip Should Come to the Festival!

  1. Effortless– We help you plan your trip, give insight into the right shows for your class and provide resources and guides for most shows
  2. Easy– Free parking for parent drivers, Festival Guides, covered lunch area
  3. Inspiring – World-class artistic performances from PreK – 12, for only $12 per ticket for one show, or $11 per ticket for 2 shows (early bird pricing)
  4. Educational — Q&A with performers, curriculum link with every show
  5. Fun!! Hands-on activities, roving entertainers, silliness

Field Trip Planner

Call 604–708-5655 to discuss your field trip objectives and which performances are right for your class or visit our School Group Page for more information.