Artist Submissions

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Image of woman in purple leaning to the side with her arms in the air, holding a pink ball of yarn. Join us for our Tricoter performance May 31st-June 5th

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Vancouver International Children’s Festival.

We do not accept unsolicited artist submissions to participate in the Festival as participation is by invitation only. The Festival is curated exclusively by our Artistic & Executive Director.

If you would like us to attend a performance, or would like to inform us about your show please contact us below. Please do not send us hard materials unless we request them.

Unfortunately, we cannot respond to every artist’s submission. If we need further information, someone from the programming department will contact you. Only artist submissions selected will be contacted.

  • If applicable.
  • Please include one example of you performing.
  • Please include any additional information about you, your performance to help us evaluate whether or not you are a good fit for our festival.