A Children’s Festival Childhood

I grew up in a city of tents 

I watched them rise around me

Engulf and surround me 

I knew this city by heart

I could tell each flower and puddle apart

I knew each boardwalk, backdoor and secret spot

I knew each juggler and singer, no one forgot

I was the princess of this town

For it was my mother who wore the crown

The queen, 

And the most courageous I had ever seen

I watched her command this land

To it?s pinnacle 

She could solve every pickle

I was set free, each breath full of art and dance 

And for a week I was in this trance 

Jumping between shows

Going where I wanted to go

At school a no show

There was no crevasse undiscovered 

No activity left unbothered 

Soaring my ideas alongside my freshly made kite

I was in flight

It seemed the unreachable was in sight

I could be whatever i wanted 

Like a chameleon

I was proud and I flaunted 

My personality 

Ideas sprouted like beans 

And grew all around me

This Festival taught me to explore

To learn to give and share more

For I was its child

And it showed me all that was wild 

About my imagination and my ability 

To create and that is where my life

Began to take shape. 

Cydney Paddon is a Vancouver-based artist of sorts, I flux between poet, painter, dancer, actor, performer and choreographer. Growing up immersed in Vancouver’s festival and theatre culture has lead
me to a life of creative exploration and at the moment a Visual Arts under graduate degree at SFU. In the foot steps of my mother Lindy Sisson (who gave me the opportunity to experience the
Children’s Festivals in and outs) I have a passion for community, hip hop, all ages culture and running events. I look upon this life as one creative endeavor after the next so thank you Kids fest
for yet another amazing opportunity.