The Girl Who Forgot to Sing Badly

Actor Louis Lovett stands in the spotlight with a red and white striped old fashioned swim suit arms outstretched and mouth open wide in song
Photo by Patrick Redmond

Sometimes it takes a girl-sized human to solve an adult-sized problem… Peggy O’Hegarty and her parents are packers. They squeeze fruit into tins, foxes into boxes, even bikes into brown paper bags. And then one day, work stops working, and the jobs stop jobbing and Peggy steps outside to find that winter has arrived…and everyone in her city has vanished!

Get ready for a story literally packed full of fun and suspense. Louis Lovett ingeniously performs all the characters as he takes the audience on an untamed adventure. The story unfolds through the transformation of the set’s large whimsical crate, in which props and whole worlds are packed.

As Peggy desperately tries to save the day, we learn about love, loss, the reassurance of goats and that we should all have the courage to sing gloriously on or off-key! Watch the video below.

Producing Company: Theatre Lovett
Country of Origin: Ireland
Genre: Theatre
Show length: 68 minutes
Resource: Study Guide
Ages: Ages 7 and up (Grades: 1 and up)
Curriculum Connections:
– Fine Arts: Drama, Performance, Design;
– Language Arts: Story-Telling, Narrative, Word-play and Puns;
– Emotional/Social Development: Social Awareness, Self Awareness, Self Management, Empathy, Confidence, Transformation

Ways to Watch & Listen

Watch a pre-recorded online performance in the classroom. Available until Sunday, June 12th at 8pm. Closed Captioning available.

Show Times


Available starting Watch until Online tickets
Tuesday, May 31 at 9:30 am 8:00 pm on Sunday, June 12 Buy tickets

Ticket Information


  •  In-Person
    • 1 Show Pass: $11+GST/ticket (valid until April 14)
    • 2 Show Pass: $20+GST/ticket (valid until April 14)
  •  Online
    • $120+GST per class, per show

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Lovett’s endlessly engaging presence, once again proving not just physically dexterous but mentally athletic… Never missing a chance to respond to the chuckles, gasps and vocal contributions of his audience with witty adlibs, Lovett makes the experience seem as natural and interactive as a warm hug.

~ The Irish Times

Louis Lovett delights children and adults. Theatre Lovett is miles ahead of the children’s theatre troupes that I have experienced. They produce theatre that amuses, is playful and challenges their young audiences to think and reason.