Crisis on Planet Z!

A planet with a large Z burned into the land. A rocket ship is seen launching away from the planetZennifer lives on Planet Z, the only planet they have ever known. The Alphabetians are celebrating 100 years of being on Planet Z when Zennifer makes a horrifying discovery: they haven’t been ‘improving’ the planet, they have been slowly destroying it! With the help of a baby Ziffle… and a mushroom, Zennifer tries to warn the Alphabetians to change their ways, but they are ready to abandon Planet Z and blast off to the next planet. Little do they know, there is no next planet: Planet Z is the last planet in their solar system! Together, the Alphabetians must account for their actions and find a way to save Planet Z. A hilarious play about a serious topic, Crisis on Planet Z expertly manages to raise awareness about climate change through joy and fun.

Producing Company: Monster Theatre
Country of Origin: Canada
Genre: Theatre
Show length: 45 minutes
Ages: Ages 4-12 (Grades: Pre-6)
Curriculum Connections: 
– Arts Education: Drama, performance, puppetry, music, visual art
– English Language Arts: Story, translation, structure of story, literary elements and devices, functions and genres of stories
– Science: Ecosystems, scientific method, endangered species, climate science, climate action, classification of life

Ways to Watch & Listen

Watch a live performance at the venue.

Show Times


Tuesday, May 31 In-person tickets
10:30 – 11:15 am Buy tickets to this in-person showing
12:30 – 1:15 pm Buy tickets to this in-person showing
Wednesday, June 1 In-person tickets
12:30 – 1:15 pm Buy tickets to this in-person showing
Friday, June 3 In-person tickets
12:30 – 1:15 pm Buy tickets to this in-person showing

Ticket Information


  •  In-Person
    • 1 Show Pass: $11+GST/ticket (valid until April 14)
    • 2 Show Pass: $20+GST/ticket (valid until April 14)
  •  Online
    • $120+GST per class, per show

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Waterfront Theatre
1412 Cartwright Street
Vancouver, BC