ZooZoo puts on a hilarious show

May 30, 2012

Here is a review of ZooZoo by our youth blogger Maxwell Neck.

I am thrilled to say that today I saw my first Kids’ Fest show: ZooZoo, and it was hilarious. The performers managed to keep the kids in a constant state of laughter. With their simple yet
convincing costumes, they told the silent stories of animals such as cats stuck in paper bags or penguins playing musical chairs, and in a few cases, some peculiar ninjas (need I say more?).

  The show was fun, entertaining, and mystical! Their outstanding physical theater was funny enough to keep my attention and that of the audience without even speaking. ZooZoo was like watching
Sunday morning cartoons: humorous and super duper high energy, but in this case live! As far as I could tell everyone, and I mean everyone, loved the show; from 6 year olds to 66 year olds; they all
were pleased.         I can definitely say that I started my kids fest experience with a BANG! You should absolutely add ZooZoo to your Vancouver International Children’s Festival agenda. Trust me,
you will be in stitches. It’s 112.76% worth it!   Tickets are selling fast for this showstopper!
Photo by Tom Matheson