Youth Bloggers Wrap Up

June 05, 2012

Our wonderful youth bloggers give their final thoughts on their experience as Festival reviewers.

From Aeden:

The Children’s Festival is ageless

It all started on the eve of May 28 when I was invited to the opening night ceremonies for the Festival. I sat next to Eric Litwin (author of the very famous Pete the Cat) and had a fascinating
conversation about how much information, support and opinion an author can get from social media and access to blogs, wikis and such. It seemed like such an adult conversation, and I wondered if I
had crossed over the fence. I had been to the Children?s Festival as a really little child, and now, as a 13 year old, I wondered where I would fit in.

Over the week, I saw Zoo Zoo, Under the Stars, Little Red and the Sea Wolf and Journey Through Sound. It all came to a spectacular close with the Variety Show on Saturday night, which included Élage
Diouf, Project Soul, Kutapira, Kutz & Dawgs and several of the performers I had already seen. It was an electric performance. The audience was filled with humans big and small and absolutely EVERYONE
was having a good time.

I have concluded that the Children?s Festival is ageless. Big, small, old, and young become entangled and synchronized in a big ball of fun! As for all of the shows that I missed, 35 years of
tradition can guarantee that?there is ALWAYS next year!


From Max:

Children’s Festival absolutely stupendous!

It is my sad duty to say that the Festival is over, and therefore so is my job as youth blogger. I am officially out of the big city back home on the tiny island known as Lasqueti (population about
300). Coming to Vancouver to blog for the Festival was a super cool experience. I got to meet some really cool people and see some fantastic shows. Overall. I had an absolutely stupendous time. A
HUGE thank you to all the people that put their time and energy into making the 35th annual Kids’ Fest possible. It was loads of fun. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and you continue coming
for years on end.


This Maxwell Neck signing out.    

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  1. thanks for the update max!!!!! you really made my day, looking forward to more fun posts on MMMs daword.
    Signing out, Max Neck III

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