Where are you KC, On the Road Pt 2

November 16, 2012

What other attractions are you planning to see while you are there?

I was lucky enough to have time to head outside Taipei to Yi-Lang County where l met a number of artists including the producers of the International Children?s Folklore and Folkgame festival
 that runs for 44 days plus the Producers of ?A Big Fish Kids Theatre,?
where they produce theatre with children as the actors. The Director Mr Huang is an author, actor and multi-talented man. He believes art transforms, and is important in the creation of community.

The following day we headed to the coast to a traditional mountain village called Shuinadong . I met local visual
artists who performed a traditional tea ceremony while regaling us with stories about the history of their mining town. The mine closed in 1986 resulting in the town almost disappearing but the
creativity of the local artists became instrumental in saving their home.

I visited the National Center for Traditional Arts , a stunning attraction that showcases traditional Taiwanese Arts, Culture and History. The
exhibits include the Dragon and the Phoenix as it is currently the year of the Dragon and the Dunhuang Cave and Buddhist sculptures. The work dates back to the sixth century covering a number of
Dynasty?s to the late nineteenth century. There are many artisans working in the NCTA?s both creating and selling their work on site.

Who stood-out the most and why?

Meeting Ming-cheng Huang ヒラギノ角ゴ who calls himself Mr Candle . He is a dancer, circus performer and stunt man who is on a mission to travel
the world and inspire people to follow their dreams. He does this by going to various places and taking photographs of himself walking on his hands. His goal is to travel throughout the world taking
photographs of himself in his handstand, and he calls himself Mr Candle because while in a handstand he looks like a candle.

What, if any, challenges did you have to overcome during this trip?
Other than the usual jet lag the lack of walking was a bit of a trick for me as we had to drive to the locations in order to be able to see all the works.

Photo above: The living wall inside the National Theater and Concert Hall

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