VICF Swings Into Action!

May 28, 2014

After receiving multiple emails from distraught students and teachers from Citadel Middle School in Port Coquitlam, the Vancouver International Children’s Festival and Groupe Swing decided to make a special effort to bring their show to the school on Tues, May 27 for a special performance. Groupe Swing also launched their new music video at the school. Originally, the school field trip was set to bring 320 students to the Festival to see Swing perform but the trip was cancelled due to the teacher’s job action across the Province.

The show was a hit, to say the least. Here are the photo & video highlights and a thank you letter from teacher Lynda Lewis.

Dear Team of Collective Awesomeness,

I want to say how much I appreciate what each of you did to make this amazing event happen today!  I would love to say this to EVERY person who was hands on in the planning process and today…and I hope you will pass on to them just how thankful I am.

I will be forever grateful for the group effort that made today what it was.  The students of Citadel Middle School benefited more than words could articulate from today’s experience. Which means we all benefit. 

Our extra special students were able to enjoy the event…dancing, even if in a wheelchair. Priceless.

We heard students singing/yelling French!  “Bouge bouge!”  Beautiful.

There was smiling, laughter, fun, joy.  You made an entire place feel so valued.

At the grade 7 level students many begin the struggle of social parameter navigation.  We see them shifting from holding adults’ opinions as important to those of peers having more weight.

Sometimes students who have been very involved in activities such as field trips decide not to attend because they think field trips are no longer “cool”.  We know there are students who, had we gone to Granville Island, may not have attended because of this “cool factor”.  But as we watched our students during the concert and after the performance…they were ALL involved and energized.

Michel & Jean-Philippe…your style of performance and interaction had everyone hooked in the first song!  And, many of those specific students hung around longer to talk to you, high five (or whatever it was they were doing!).  They connected with you in a way I could not have imagined.  You have a gift and I am thankful you have chosen to work in a way to share that gift with young people.

Together we made a statement that music matters.

Together we said multiculturalism is essential.

Together we affirmed this amazing country in which we live and the variety of people and language.

Together we said EVERYONE is important…and it does take just “One Thought” for us each to make a difference.

What an amazing message we have sent to 320 young people!  And what a beautiful reminder to all of us adults in the room too.

I wish you all, in what ever role you play, the most wonderful week at the Children’s Festival

With great thankfulness,

Lynda Lewis
Grade 7 – Team Tsunami
Citadel Middle School