Two Shows Worth Your While!

June 01, 2017

Hello from the Vancouver International Children’s Festival 2017! My name is Rachel-Kathleen McNee and I am this year’s Youth Blogger/Marketing Assistant on my 6th week of work experience with the festival staff. Today I had the honour of watching two of a wide selection of shows playing here at the Festival. The first was Grug and the Rainbow, a story-telling performance based on a lovable creature named Grug, who came across a beautiful, vibrant rainbow that he just had to see once again. The adventure to create his very own rainbow was filled with surprises that kept everyone fascinated, with smiles wide and laughter loud. There was audience involvement with dance-along’s and fun conversation. The actors were truly fantastic. Never a dull moment with this energetic bunch!

The second show I watched, The Canada Show, was for a slightly older audience, showcasing Canadian history in exactly an hour in a funny and entertaining yet educational manner. They used a selection of fun props, costumes, singing and dancing to make the show extremely enjoyable for the whole hour!

Thank you to the staff for not only 6 weeks of learning and experiencing lots of new things, but for giving me this phenomenal day that allowed me to express my inner theatre nerd!