Two shows. Two reviews

May 31, 2013

Youth Blogger Max has been busy watching shows over the past few days. Here are a couple more reviews.


Prepare to be Amazed!

After just seeing Cirque Zuma Zuma only one word properly fits the description: phenomenal.

The audience were on the edge of their seats as they were captivated while feats of strength and agility were performed before their very eyes. The stage was battered with an array of ohhhs and
ahhhhs as the performers did their act.

Cirque Zuma Zuma was in the largest theatre venue that I have been in thus far during the festival, and there were only a few seats left and everyone was enjoying themselves. This show is something
that you will not want to miss because all of the performers give it 120%, making it, as I have already said, phenomenal.  


experimental theatrE meets two year olds

Today I watched the show Sparrow. Yes, I do realize that it is aimed for children, or more accurately toddlers, between the ages of 7 to 24 months. And yes, I do realize that I am roughly 170
months old.Nevertheless, I went to the show.

The first thing that was notable about the performance was that the performers made it very clear in the beginning of the show that it was for the children and that they were allowed to walk around
the space and really experience it. Although, they also said that they did not want any of the parents to restrain their children or push them into anything. Pretty much it was super open, and that
made it pretty cool to watch.

The kids were completely captivated by the performers. A couple of them had this puzzled look on their face. It was almost as if they were thinking “I have absoloutly no idea why these adults are
making such complete and utter fools of themselves but, I kind of like it…”.

So, long story short, Sparrow was a lot of fun and enjoyed by everyone in the theater.