Two must-see shows!

June 01, 2012

Two reviews of Journey Through Sound from youth bloggers Aeden Taylor and Max Neck and a bonus review of Little Red and the Sea Wolf from Aeden. It’s an understatement to say they were impressed
with what they saw today!


From Max: Today I had to wake up at the crack of noon, (super early, I know) to go see Journey Through Sound. It was TOTALLY worth it! After seeing the show I realize that I would wake up at any 
time to re-watch such an awesome show.   The performance consisted entirely of dazzling forms of ‘street style’ dance. “Ohoos” and “Ahhs” bombarded the stage from the audience as the performers
masterfully executed their elaborate and perfectly choreographed moves. The performers were sensational! You could tell that they were putting all they had into the show, making it absolutely
astounding! The audience was completely engaged with the show; they didn’t even blink- their eyelids were literally glued to their face as to not miss an instant of the production.   Journey Through
Sound wasn’t just a show it was an experience, never to be forgotten. It is something that can (and should) be enjoyed by an array of ages, it is a fantastic production that one would not want to
miss while visiting the Children’s Festival!      From Aeden: Journey Through Sound was jaw-dropping! I could not believe how this group of people could dance so well! It was an amazing ensemble
that worked together like glue. This show was upbeat and fun, and everyone could feel the music as these amazing dancers took the stage! I couldn’t help but clap after every dance and neither could
anyone else. Both of these shows were so amazing and I was lucky to see them! I can’t wait to see more!   Get tickets to Journey Through Sound
!   From Aeden: Little Red and the Sea Wolf takes place on a boat. We rode through False Creek and watched as Little
Red tried to make the long trip to her grandmother’s with out getting caught by the Sea Wolf! There were so many diverse characters, and everyone was immersed in the performance. You couldn’t help
but believe this tale. The music and jokes made everyone smile as we journeyed through the enchanting story.    Get tickets to Little Red and the Sea Wolf
!   Come down to Granville Island this weekend and join in the fun! All shows include access to all site activities
including roving artists, facepainting and the fantastic World Youth Stage.