Aché Brasil

Ages: All Ages 
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man playing the drums on stage with a man in a black shirt
Photo by Adam PW Smith

There’s going to be a dance party and you’re invited!

Get ready for an explosion of colour, energy and music that embodies the lively culture and rhythms of Brazil. The exhilarating combination of martial arts, dance, music and acrobatics known as capoeira is full of kicks, flips and vibrant colours. Dazzling costumes, hypnotic rhythms and energetic dances will sweep you away. Performed to the music of drums and ancient stringed berimbau, the lively dancers of Vancouver’s own Aché Brasil will knock your socks off! A delightful, high-energy show that will leave you asking for more! Watch the video below.

Producing Company: Aché Brasil

Country: Brazil and BC, Canada

Genre: Dance / Music / Acrobatics

Show length: 60 minutes

Ages: All Ages

Venue: Revue Stage
1601 Johnston St,
Vancouver, BC

Ways to Watch


Watch a live performance at the venue.



  • 1 Show Day Pass: $12.50 per child/senior; $22.00 per adult +S/C and GST
  • Festival 4‑Pack: (4 tickets to 1 show) $62.00 +S/C and GST

Accessibility Information


Accessibility advisory:
- This show may have loud/sounds or noises or repetitive noises.
- Children will be invited on stage. If selected, they may not bring guardian to join them. These children may be asked to participate (e.g., paint, draw, read, construct things, sing, in groups on stage, or select items on stage).
- The audience will be asked to walk/dance/move around during the show.

Show times & Tickets

In person

Saturday, June 3  Additional show info In person 
3:30 – 4:30 PM  Get tickets 
Sunday, June 4  Additional show info In person 
2:30 – 3:30 PM  Get tickets 

Show highlights

Rave Reviews

BRAVO! EXCELLENT! FANTASTIC! Staff and students were still talking about Aché Brasil the next day! The energy… the acrobatics… and how they involved all of us in their performance was incredible!

K. Heucher 

The engaging seven-member troupe had the kiddie set eating out of its hands… High kung fu-type kicks and fierce lunges are interspersed with hand and head stands of amazing endurance.

The Globe and Mail, Paula Citron 

With lashing kicks, spins and continuous rolling cartwheels, capoeira involves the body’s spinning a carapace of movement around itself, or enclosing itself in a blur of vector lines.

The Vancouver Sun, Lloyd Dyck 

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