Meet our Education and Volunteer Manager

October 19, 2012

Here is a Q&A with Diana Stewart-Imbert, our amazing Education and Volunteer Manager.

How long have you been with the festival, and what exactly do you do here?

I?ve been working with the Festival for over ten years now. I?m responsible for school services, volunteer recruitment and internship management.


What traits do you need for your job?
You need to be highly organized, have a positive attitude, and a strong work ethic.


What?s the best thing about your job?

The human contact! I love working with the schools, working with teachers to choose just the right shows for their class and helping them make the most out of their visit to the Festival. As
Volunteer Manager, I love watching young people transform as they gain confidence and learn new skills.  


What do you do for fun in your spare time?
I hike, travel, garden and sing.


What?s the most unusual thing you know how to do?

Believe it or not, I play the hurdy-gurdy. 


What artistic talent do you have or wish you had?

I do improvisational singing, but I?d love to learn to read music.


Name a place you go to be inspired?

I escape to Galicia in Spain and the local mountains.


Name three things about your neighbourhood that you love.

I love the greenery, the heritage homes and, of course, the cafes and restaurants.


What?s your favorite Children?s Festival memory?

A cheese party with my key volunteers about five years ago but really, I love just seeing everyone having fun together at the Festival.