Kutz & Dawgs

June 01, 2012

Today my review is on the wonderful show: Kutz & Dawgs


Kutz & Dawgs is a performance based off of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliette” and “West Side Story”. The show was created mostly by the performers and therefore it had a refreshing stylistic
punch! Something that I found very special about the show is that enlaced throughout Kutz & Dawgs are amazing bursts of excellently choreographed dance.

Kutz & Dawgs is definitely a show for an older audience, due to the mature themes presented in the performance.

I found it entertaining and enthralling. The actors themselves come fromcompletely different backgrounds, both cultural and theatrical (for some it was their first performance outside of school
plays and what-not) even so, every single one of them owned their part like a complete pro.

I found Kutz & Dawgs to be a fantastic production! And although it might not be considered suitable for younger audience, it absolutely showed the message of anti-gangs and how gang warfare is
bad. I would also be happy to see it again.



Definitely worth it! Tickets on Sale Now


Photo by Amanda Skuse