Kids’ Fest more than just for kids!

Article by Stuart Derdeyne, The Province 


Seeing the big-top tents going up in Vanier Park is something of a herald of spring in Vancouver. Viewed from the Burrard Street bridge, the Vancouver International Children’s Festival site looks
like the circus has come to town. An apt impression as this is the event that introduced a then new Cirque du Soleil to local audiences years ago and maintains a similarly high level of talent year
after year.


Take the resume of Quebec “master of unusual comedy,” Michel Lauziere, who appears at this year’s event. He is billed as an “inventor, acrobat, comedian, juggler and musician who flaunts some of
the craziest sight gags around.” Compared to what it takes to please a tent full of tykes, adults are easy-peasy.


“Looking at shows, mixing Canadian and international, we are always looking for that mix that can be targeted towards preschoolers, elementary age and then, like Alice In Wonderland, suggested for
ages six to 10 but really that show has no limit. If PuSh put this on, it would be packed with adults.” said Lucie Lareau, Artistic Programming Director

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