June 01, 2019

Because California is the ultimate playground for kids and families, it’s been nicknamed Kidifornia! Take a trip down south to sunny California for the family vacation of a lifetime! There are tons of great activities for kids, and for you, that don’t involve getting stuck for hours in line at a theme park. From a kid-friendly family adventure at the Arroyo Burro Beach in Santa Barbara, to cooking classes for kids at The Gourmandise School in Santa Monica, to exploring your creative side at San Diego’s The New Children’s Museum, you’ll never have a boring moment! We especially love the beautiful (and fun) interactive art installations at The New Children’s Museum, where you can:

  • Hang out in a, three dimensional textile environment made of hand-dyed nylon ropes resembling a giant hammock!
  • Design a fanciful sea creature, and then watch it come to life and swim with all the other sea creatures in a wall-sized, moving aquarium projection.
  • Have the ultimate ‘pillow fight’ in a room filled with 40+ mattresses and over 160 “pillow” tires for children (and grown ups) to play, crawl, jump and bounce around in.

And much more…so much to see and do when you Visit California! Your kids will love the wealth of opportunities tailored to them, and you’ll love exploring this beautiful state off the more beaten (and very crowded) path.