James Hill Shreds on Ukulele

May 30, 2013

Hello, it’s me again, Max.

I just watched James Hill perform in his show “Ukulele Magic”.

He was completely off the hook. Not only did he play some crazy fast classical, he also played in ways that were totally innovative, it was stuff that I never even thought could be possible, and
certainly had never seen.

For example, at one point he started playing it with a pair of chopsticks and a hair comb to make his ukulele create electronic and dubstep style music. All the kids just loved it, by the end when
he was rocking out with some ACDC almost all the kids were standing up and thrusting their fists into the sky. Just imagine a mosh pit consisting primarily of nine year olds!

So, if you want to see something that totally different and more awesome then you’ve probably ever seen (as far as ukulele players go at least)  with your kid, I certainly suggest you go and check
out James Hill.