Introducing the Communications Team

December 06, 2012

Here’s a Q&A with the Festival Communications Team: Harriet Fancott (L) and Jeanette Miller (R) of Limelite PR.

How long have you been with the Festival and what exactly do you do?

This is our second year at the Festival. This year we are handling all PR and communications, which includes managing the website, e-newsletters, social media channels, brochures and media

What traits do you need to do your job?

You need have strong writing skills, be responsive to last-minute changes, and able to keep up with the latest updates in the social media landscape.


What’s the best thing about your job?

We love meeting arts-lovers of all kinds from teachers, parents and children to artists, donors and volunteers.


What do you do for fun in your spare time?

We both love the theatre, gardening and hiking.


What’s the most unusual thing you know how to do?

Jeanette: I am an embroidery enthusiast.

Harriet: I have mastered the gamut of Frisbee throws.


What artistic talent to you have; what do you wish you had?

Harriet: I have very little artistic talent, which is why I work in the arts so I can surround myself with fascinating creative people! I wish I could sing.

Jeanette: Even though I can hold a tune, I would never attempt to sing in public. I‚ïím an avid crafter, having taken up embroidery and sewing in the past year. But something I really wish I could
do is draw.

Name a place you go to be inspired and why?

Harriet: Like more Vancouverites, I love nature and a good beach walk. I also gain inspiration from being out in the community and enjoying local arts festivals.

Jeanette: I’m inspired by a lot of things (and people) I see online but I always seek solace at the beach. The mountains remind me to have the strength to rise up to new heights, while the water
gives me a sense of peace and freedom to be true to myself.

Name three things about your neighbourhood that makes you want to live there?

Harriet: The ethnic diversity, friendly people and coffee shops.

Jeanette: Historic houses, friendly neighbours, a good local pub and a fabulous wine bar.

What’s your favourite Children’s Festival memory?

Harriet: Watching my two-year-old son get down with South Asian Arts. He may make a Bhangra dancer after all.

Jeanette: My kids laughing hysterically at the cat caught in a bag performance by the ZooZoo gang.