Halloween tips for the harried!

October 24, 2013

What to wear?

Keep it simple with these costumes made from things you have lying around the house.

* Find out how to make a slew of costumes including an adorable mushroom costume from an umbrella, white pipe cleaners and hot glue! >> Real simple Halloween costumes

* From zombie couples to baby skeletons, all of Spokesmama’s costumes come with instructions. >> Ten easy homemade Halloween costumes

* For super DIY, down-to-earth costumes, check these kids out ?  from walking arcades to chewing gum and even a mini-Prince, they are all innovative and doable (well mostly). >> Buzzfeed’s 23 Kids

What to eat?

Depending on your tastes, check out these healthy treats, cute cupcakes and gruesome sugary delights.

* 20 Healthy Halloween treats. Yes really! >> Healthy Halloween food ideas
* 20 Amazing Halloween cupcakes >> 20 DIY Halloween cupcakes
* 29 Creepy, spooky, scary, gross and disgusting Halloween recipes >> Cute food for kids  

What to make?

Get the house decorated and keep the kids occupied with some simple artistic undertakings. Think origami bats, pasta skeletons, jack-o-lantern jars, skull trick-or-treat bags, easy peasy egg
carton pumpkins and more!

* 50 Craft ideas! (Yes really) >> Halloween craft ideas
* Apparently, two triangle eyes and a toothy grin just won?t do these days, so how about 700 pumpkin carving stencils? From traditional to pop cultural to the obscure. >> Free pumpkin carving

What to do?

Barring the obvious trick-or-treating, this list of Halloween day events features everything from carnivals to parades all geared to the little ones. >> Vancouver Halloween day events


Photo: Glenn Glasser; Styling: Kristine Trevino from Real Simple