Festival Volunteer Vinny Vipond Breaks World Record!

October 19, 2017

Congratulations to long time Vancouver International Children’s Festival volunteer, Vinny Vipond for breaking the world record for longest distance travelled on a unicycle…while juggling!

It should come to no surprise that Vinny volunteers every year at the Vancouver International Children’s Festival’s Circus Tent teaching festival goers how to juggle.  He’s been juggling himself for several years and recently learned how to unicycle.

One Saturday afternoon, Vinny on a lark, decided to put the two together and tried unicycling and juggling at the same time.  He successfully made it the short distance across the basketball court and his friends responded in cheers. Maybe there was something to this he thought. After some late night Google searches Vinny realized that there was a world record for this crazy circus combo and a friend challenged him to do something with his new found skills.  So, Vinny decided to break the record as part of an effort to raise awareness for the Branch Out Neurological Foundation.

For over a year, Vinny trained for his world record attempt using downhill mountain unicycling, unicycle hockey and of course practising unicycling and juggling on the track to prepare.  Vinny’s advice for those interested in learning how to juggle or unicycle, “Everyone drops balls or falls. The key is to pick them up and get back up again.”

Come see Vinny in the Circus Tent at next year’s Vancouver International Children’s Festival or catch him next fall as he attempts another world record.  Who knows, maybe next year he’ll be unicycling backwards while juggling, riding a tandem unicycle with a friend or unicycling with a juggler on his shoulders. Whatever he attempts, we’re sure Vinny will be successful on all accounts.  Way to go Vinny!

Here’s Vinny at last year’s Vancouver International Children’s Festival:

My new friend! I love working kids fest! #unicycle #juggling #cycle #circus #fitness #Vancouver @vankidsfest

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