Exceptional Queen of Colours is a must see!

May 29, 2013

Hello Festival Community (and people of the internet)!

I am Maxwell Neck, the 14 year-old youth blogger for the Vancouver International Children’s Festival. I will be telling you about a few of the shows that can be seen at the festival. Starting with
theQueen of Colours.

Queen of Colours is a fantastic show about a queen living in a monochromatic world who goes on a journey to add colour to her world. The way the show was preformed was incredibly interesting. The
queen was a puppet who was behind a screen and she would converse with a painter and a musician. The painter painted the sets onto paperduring the performance then a projector would project the image
onto the queens screen so the puppet could tell the story by moving around over the drawn landscapes, all while the musician played his accordion.

The coolest part about the show to me was how both the artist and the musician interacted with the puppet. For example, if the queen wanted another colour she would just ask the artist or if the
tempo of the music was to fast she would just let the musician know, so that was really cool.The audience totally loved it too, the theater was roaring with laughter.

Anyway, the Queen of Colours is truly exceptional and is, without a shadow of a doubt, a must see.