Creative Festival Activities from city-building to circus tricks!

April 18, 2013


Come down on June 1 and 2 and help create a model city!  

Children’s voices are often left out of the conversation on what makes a great city. In Me on the Map, preschoolers and young kids are invited to join two NeWorld theatre artists in this unique
theatrical experience for kids.

Kids will share their ideas, decorate their own building and choose where it will go – then take it home! They’ll get to practice drawing and reading maps and work to make the installation
inclusive for kids of all abilities.


Squishy Circuits with the Maker Mobile

Science meet art in this playful workshop

In this all-ages workshop, kids explore shape, color and simple circuits using homemade dough and LEDs to make electricity.

Did you know you can learn the basics of electrical engineering using common ingredients found in your kitchen? Have you ever wondered what the “plus(+)” or “minus(-)” symbol on a battery means?

Kids will learn how to light up an LED using a simple circuit and test how different shapes and ingredients inside the dough affect the flow of electricity!

Learn more about Squishy Circuits from AnnMarie Thomas’s zippy 4-minute TedTalk <>.

Also new this year are Entwined, a kaleidoscopic outdoor weaving experience, Umoja Afrika
, an African craft-making adventure, The Magical Mystery Maze
, and back by popular demand is Hai! Origami
, which gets kids involved in the art of Japanese paper folding.

See a complete list of our Arts Activities for kids . From toddlers to tweens, kids of all ages can get creative or just have some
fun at one of the many creative arts stations. As always, access is free with your show ticket.


Photo by Rick Etkin: See more of his work at