Audioplay: The Turners

Photo by Cameron Ford

Being a Turner is hectic, one minute you’re hanging with your sister, the next you’ve been taken hostage by half-snake, half-human creatures. Leo and Abbie aren’t ordinary kids, they’re Turners, a secret species that morphs from human to animal and now they’ve found themselves at the centre of a global plot to annihilate their kind… Things are getting wild! Step into the center of an immersive audio experience based on Mick Elliott’s book series. Using a smart phone and headphones, two players physically act out the story together, each guided by their character’s rich audio score and unique instructions. Audioplay: The Turners is technology without the screens. It’s an action-packed adventure that takes the imaginative, physical play that kids love and brings it to the next level by adding sound effects and cinematic score. Watch a video below.

Producing Company: Audioplay 
Genre: Audio drama
Show length: 60 minutes (4 x 15 Min episodes)
Ages: Ages 6-12
Players: 2 Players at a time
Required supplies: Players will need one mobile devise (Android or iOS), download the AudioPlay App and a pair of headphones for each player. Additional household items are sourced by the player to support play (chairs, blankets etc.). These requirements are specific to each episode.

Ways to Watch & Listen

Pre-recorded Audio
Listen to a pre-recorded online audio drama performance at home or in your classroom. Available until Sunday, June 13th at 8pm.

Show Times

Pre-recorded audio

Available starting Listen until Pre-recorded audio tickets
Thursday, June 3 at 12:00 pm 8:00 pm on Sunday, June 13 Buy tickets

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Schools – Virtual Field Trip

  • LIVE Online – $60+GST & order fee per class
  • Pre-recorded Online – $60+GST & order fee per class

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I didn’t like it….I LOVED it!

~ Indi, age 9

I REALLY love this app, I think it’s got so much merit. I think it’s great because the kids are experiencing something, they’re being physical, they’re solving problems, they’re building stuff, they’re creating…It’s not that idea of sitting on a device and flick through and stare at a video. It’s super interactive.

~ Nat Amoore, One More Page Podcast