“Where are you KC?” – Live from New York City!

November 29, 2011

Where are you right now?

I am in New York attending The New Victory Theatre ‘s presentation of Untapped produced and performed by Raw Metal Dance from Australia.


What other attractions are you planning to see while you are there?

I am only in New York for 24 hours so given the weather was spectacularly warm and sunny, l walked around Times Square, part of Central Park and Manhattan.


Who stood-out the most and why?

The show (Untapped) stood out the most. It is fantastic! High energy, fun, and engaging with incredible dancing and music.


Did you meet anyone that made you squeal with excitement? Who and why?

Andrew Fee?s (Artistic Director of Raw Metal Dance) Mother; she is so proud of her son. It was a joy to meet her.


What was the strangest thing you saw or experienced? 

I had forgotten it was Black Friday in the USA so when l arrived in Times Square it was full of thousands of people, shopping. As l stood watching in amazement, it became clear that a number of
shoppers were dragging enormous suitcases behind them full of their shopping this was clearly serious business! I made my way through the crowd towards Macy?s Department Store, ventured inside,
lasted 10 seconds then left … too crazy for me, however l was delighted by Macy?s beautiful and artistic window displays. (see photo below)


What made this trip successful for you? What is the #1 highlight?

Two highlights: l was lucky enough to be in New York with sunshine and blue sky which allowed me to walk around the town for miles and the show, it is truly spectacular – great entertainment for
the whole family!


What, if any, challenges did you have to overcome during this trip?

Flying the red eye but l was lucky enough to have three seats to myself so managed to sleep.

What is the #1 lesson learned from this trip?

I am reminded of how important it is to see shows live in order to curate well for our Vancouver Festival. Watching a show on DVD never does it justice and witnessing the audience, especially the
children and youth, always let?s me know whether it is a hit or not!

Where are you heading next?

Austin, Texas for IPAY the International Performing Arts for Youth showcase in January.