Arts Benefits Student Achievement

April 11, 2010

Not only are the performing arts fun for kids on so many different levels, but it also helps them improve their attention and cognition which could lead to overall increased learning success.

Research proves that giving kids the chance to enjoy the performing arts not only as spectators, but also as active participants, rounds out their learning and forges strong neural pathways. 

Exposure to different artforms keeps kids interested and engaged, plus allows them to find some of the things they can feel really good and passionate about.  For some children it may be dance,
for others it might be music, art, sculpture, theatre or a combination of artforms.

Michael Posner PhD argues that when children find an art form that sustains their interest, the subsequent strengthening of their brains? attention networks can improve cognition more broadly. 
(How Arts Training Improves Attention and Cognition, 2009)

The Vancouver International Children’s Festival is a great opportunity to expose kids to the whole range of performing arts, as well as getting getting them involved creating their own little
works of art like painting a kite to take home.  And they will have fun to boot because, after all, it’s a kids world!