Art, Shoes and Charity

July 21, 2017

We’d walk a mile in these whimsical shoes any day!

These bright, playful, shoes are designed by artist Patrick James Bravo. Choose from four different shoe styles inspired by Bravo’s art, which when placed together reveals the full art piece.  And, once the sun sets, these shoes go from fabulous to FANTASTIC with a glow in the dark feature!  Pick up a pair today at Six Hundred Four. A percentage of sales goes towards supporting the Vancouver International Children’s Festival programs.

Patrick James Bravo’s art plays with the fine balance between childhood and adulthood.  His vision is to express and recapture the freedom and carefree feelings from childhood.  His art encourages his audience to embrace their inner-child, abandon social conventions and routines in favour of a more fun, less serious take on life. Whatever your inner-child likes to play, when you slip these on, these shoes are sure to make you smile.

We are ecstatic that Patrick James Bravo chose the Vancouver International Children’s Festival as his charity of choice. Six Hundred Four let us know why he chose to support the Children’s Festival:

The Vancouver International Children’s Festival is the charity that Patrick has chosen. They inspire and motivate young minds through artistic experiences that transform a child’s understanding of the world around them. The annual festival in Vancouver is recognized internationally for creating a unique and diverse celebration of arts for children and adults. Seeing that Patrick’s art is playful and young, the Festival really is a perfect fit.

About Six Hundred and Four

At Six Hundred Four, we live by one simple principle: shoes can be shoes; or they can be a storytelling piece of art. Like an awe-inspiring art piece, we want our story to be told because of the emotion it evokes. When these stories are shared everybody wins, with no bigger winner than the charities we donate to.  6.04% of each sale is donated to a charity of the artist’s choice. Roughly $10,000 is donated for each artist we partner with.