45 Seconds with C!RCA

May 13, 2011

Interview with:

Nathan Boyle
Daniel Crisp
Todd Kilby
Brittannie Portelli


So, what did you do before you joined C!RCA?
All ? We all studied together at the National Institute of Circus Arts in Melbourne, which was fab!
Nathan – I was a National Champion in Sports Acrobatics.
Daniel – I trained under legendary circus master, Mr Guang Rong Lu.
Todd ? I was/am a Black Belt in Taekwondo
Brittannie ? I competed at international level in both Synchronized Swimming and Aerobics

What are your specialties?
Nathan ? Acrobatics, Cloud Swing and Aerial
Daniel – Hoop Diving Acrobatics, Traditional and Korean Teeterboard, Chinese Poles and Flying Trapeze
Todd – Chinese Pole, Hoop Diving, Teeter Board, Adagio, Tumbling and Knockabout
Brittannie – Cloud Swing, Teeterboard, Bungee Trapeze and my very own unique Aerial Cube Apparatus

Where has this tour taken you & where will you be going?
Nathan: We’ve been to Cleveland and are going to Iowa, Toronto, the Okanagan then Vancouver before heading back home to perform in Brisbane.
Todd: The other ensemble members have toured New York, Pittsburgh and the Netherlands and will then head to Brighton, Madrid and Rome.

Do you enjoy performing for young audiences?
Brittannie ? Of course! Kids and circus are a natural combo. We love the energy that children bring to the audiences.
Daniel ? Yeah. There?s nothing like hearing the ?ooo?s? and ?ahhh?s? you can tell are coming from the kids.  It?s a real buzz.
Nathan ? But the great thing about circus is that age doesn?t really matter.  Everyone becomes a kid at heart when they watch a show like ours.  
Todd – Cotton candy is a great equalizer haha!

What if people want to know more about you?

Daniel ? I love shameless self-promotion!  Check out the new C!RCA website www.circa.org.au


May 31-June 5 at the Granville Island Stage
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