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Erth Dinosaur Zoo
Producing Company: Erth - Visual & Physical Inc.
Show Origin: Australia
Genre: Puppetry, Theatre
Age Group: ages 4 and up (babes in arms welcome)
Venue: Big Top Tent
Duration: 50 minutes
School ticket price: $11.00 + GST
Adult ticket price:$25.00 (includes GST + service charges)
Child ticket price:$15.00 (includes GST + service charges)
Show Notes:Visual Arts, Social Studies, Science, Suitable for ESL, Deaf & Hard of Hearing

Kids get to see, feel and touch dinosaurs up close in this eye-popping performance of gigantic proportions. Erth’s large-scale dinosaur puppets are spectacular works of art that connect kids with the life of these great creatures and the science of paleontology. Don’t miss this unforgettable prehistoric experience where you can meet a menagerie of insects, mammals and dinosaurs that once roamed free around the Southern Hemisphere.

It’s a rare and pleasurable work that manages technical brilliance, cultural insight and enchantment all in one go.” Sydney Morning Herald (Metro Newspaper)


TICKET PRICE INCLUDES tax and service charges plus access to all site activities!

Erth Dinosaur Zoo
S-BigTopTuesday, May 2710:30 AMEnglish
S-BigTopTuesday, May 2712:30 PMEnglish
S-BigTopWednesday, May 2810:30 AMEnglish
S-BigTopWednesday, May 2812:30 PMEnglish
S-BigTopThursday, May 2910:30 AMEnglish
S-BigTopThursday, May 2912:30 PMEnglish
S-BigTopFriday, May 3010:30 AMEnglish
S-BigTopFriday, May 3012:30 PMEnglish
S-BigTopFriday, May 305:00 PMEnglish
S-BigTopSaturday, May 3110:30 AMEnglish
S-BigTopSaturday, May 3112:30 PMEnglish
S-BigTopSaturday, May 313:00 PMEnglish
S-BigTopSunday, June 110:30 AMEnglish
S-BigTopSunday, June 112:30 PMEnglish
S-BigTopSunday, June 13:00 PMEnglish